Theatre Reviews

Truvy…is played with down home honesty and southern charm by Raissa Katona Bennett, an actress completely attuned to the wit and verve of Harling’s play text, which she harvests with good-humored thoughtfulness, zing and pin-sharp abandonment.” ~ Jim Ruocco, Take 2

“Raissa Katona Bennett essentially leads the cast in the role of Truvy, the owner of the local salon, and made her impossible not to love.”

”As Truvy, Bennett’s Dolly Parton-style hairdo makes her look brassier than she is; there’s a genuine openness in her dealings…”New Haven Review

     “As Helen, Alison’s mother, Raissa Katona Bennett is heartbreaking and she delivers a devastating “Days and Days” near the end of the show, summing up the story of her life and marriage.” ~ Talking Broadway

“Raissa Katona Bennett’s performance puts heart into Helen’s songs…” ~ New Haven Review

“Raissa Katona Bennett has the less developed role of the mother, Helen. She handles the contradictions in the character well.” ~ Two on the Aisle

“…you will leave with Alison…imprinted on your mind for days to follow, as well as Helen’s (Raissa Katona Bennett) haunting rendition of ‘Days and Days’…” ~ CT Theater